AntiStatic Bracelets & Accessories - How To Use
We are proud to announce, to be the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of the unique ATEMM GREEN POINT product in the USA, CANADA & MEXICO!  FINALLY, a smart solution had arrived to prevent those painful static shocks that we experience at home, at work, at the gym, and even at the casinos!   TO COMPANIES - yield better employees’ productivity and prevent damages to your office computers and electronic sensitive machinery.   TO CASINOS - improve a player’s developmental profitability and overcome objections to make stronger guest retention by providing comfort while playing slot machines.


1. Keep the tassel to your bracelets or accessories dry, splayed (spread apart) and dangling at all times (e.g. silver/red color thread).

CHARM is a detachable dangling piece (tassel) that you may attach to your favorite metal bracelet or ring worn on a DOMINANT hand; or attach to a keychain to touch FIRST the object of intent (e.g. door knob, car door) prior to you touching it.

5. For full protection, wear a bracelet on each hand to avoid getting ZAPPED just in case you accidentally reach or touch with the NON-dominant hand.

7. Keychains solely works as effective as long as it is use to touch FIRST the object of intent (e.g. door knob, car door) prior to you touching it. Or, wear the keyring on your finger (dominant hand) and simply reach out to touch object of intent.
8. A matter of physics, it works INSTANTLY - NO WAITING TIME. 
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