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We are proud to announce, to be the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR of the unique ATEMM GREEN POINT product in the USA, CANADA & MEXICO!  FINALLY, a smart solution had arrived to prevent those painful static shocks that we experience at home, at work, at the gym, and even at the casinos!   TO COMPANIES - yield better employees’ productivity and prevent damages to your office computers and electronic sensitive machinery.   TO CASINOS - improve a player’s developmental profitability and overcome objections to make stronger guest retention by providing comfort while playing slot machines.

Las Vegas, Static Shock & Me

Las Vegas, Nevada, Static Electricity, Static ShockDuring the course of my travel, I visited Las Vegas, Nevada and was relentlessly ZAPPED with a burst of discharge that produced a disturbing shock from simple daily activities such as reaching for canned goods in a grocery store, touching a door knob, a car door, a computer, my pets, even when my boyfriend kisses me or when doing laundry, and discouragingly the casinos - a bedlam for such unexpected painful shocks!

This may sound all too funny but the danger is real! It is not only downright scary and painful but quite destructive; once a static charge fries your laptop or if you have a heart condition! 

I suffered from the effects of static electricity due to the dry climate and low humidity which cause static electricity to build up inside my body as clothes rub up against the car seat or friction from shoes walking on carpet. 

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My world turned upside down and I became fearful of those nasty shocks that I have to ask my boyfriend to change the bedsheets, pull the laundry out of the dryer because if I do it, sparks would be flying everywhere! I dreadfully thought that one of these days, I was going to suddenly and spontaneously combust or ignite a fire!

Horrified, I've also noticed that my once beautiful skin has quickly turned very dry and scaly, and my hair stringy which statically clung to my face despite efforts to brush it away.

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention" - In the course of my research, I had an opportunity to speak to an electrostatic expert who provided me with the basic working knowledge of physics. A path that led to a solution and creation of an antistatic good luck charm bracelet that relieved me from static zaps, spark scares and gradually helped regained moisture balance to my skin and hair.

No more nasty shocks, dry "alligator" skin and bad "static" hair days for me. Finally, I am now able to enjoy playing the slot machines without being zapped back.

New science reveals, not radiation, but static electricity produced by power lines interferes with the bioelectrical life process causing illnesses such as cancer and premature aging.

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